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UgoWork Featured in Forbes France: Optimizing Energy Consumption of Forklift Trucks

UgoWork, a leading provider of innovative energy solutions, recently made an appearance on Forbes France’s Business Inside TV. In the interview, Jean-François Marchand, Marketing Director, and Arthur Ramade, Customer Experience Director, shed light on the importance of energy efficiency, the industrial applications of lithium batteries, and the carbon footprint challenges faced by major players in the industry.

During the conversation with renowned journalist Jean-Marc Sylvestre, the UgoWork representatives discussed the company’s efforts to optimize the energy consumption of forklift trucks. They emphasized the role of lithium batteries in improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact, highlighting UgoWork’s commitment to sustainable solutions.

Forbes France recognized the significance of UgoWork’s contributions to the industry and featured the interview on their platform. To watch the full interview in french, click here.

UgoWork continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the material handling sector, driving positive change and offering sustainable solutions to various industries. Stay tuned for more updates on their innovative initiatives.

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