48V lithium-ion batteries for electric forklift fleets

Power solution for demanding Class I & II material handling applications

Sit-down counterbalanced trucks perform core operations in shipping, receiving, warehousing, and manufacturing. With its flexible consumption model, universal charging infrastructure, and on-board chargers, UgoWork not only opens up fleet optimization possibilities but also enables a cost-efficient installation of compact charging stations throughout your warehouse or distribution center which eliminates the need to mate one charger to a specific truck.

With UgoWork, you can perform your daily tasks knowing that your 48V lithium-ion battery is housing the latest innovations to support your operational growth.

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Universal charging infrastructure

Secure cloud energy management system

Durable battery technology

Thermal management

Modernize the power supply of your forklift fleet with UgoWork 48V lithium-ion batteries.


48V for Class I & II

Sit-down counterbalanced forklifts in warehouse or distribution centers

48V lithium-ion power solutions for counterbalanced forklifts

In shipping, warehousing, and manufacturing, the core material handling operations are performed by counterbalanced trucks. If you had to choose only one truck per warehouse, this is the one you need.

High-capacity heavy equipment for warehouse or distribution centers

48V lithium-ion battery for forklift accessories and attachments

This product is a perfect match for heavy applications, such as the ones using hydraulic accessories (clamp, box clamp, single-double, quadruple pallet handler or other custom accessories). The ultra-fast charging and high energy density of the UgoWork system enable continuous operation for the most demanding applications.

Downtime stops here.

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See UgoWork solutions for reach and counterbalanced applications

Constant monitoring of your fleet, alerts for expert-led onside maintenance and energy expertise all work together for your bottom line

We believe operations and fleet managers would rather move stock than worry about their energy solutions. UgoWork is the energy partner you’ve been waiting for.

Universal charging infrastructure

Proactive service

Energy expertise

UgoWork 48V lithium-ion battery technical specifications

Specifications of UgoWork’s power solution for Class I & II material handling applications

Specifications Notes
Maximum voltage at full charge 54.7 Vdc
Nominal voltage 51.8 Vdc
Discharge end voltage 42.7 Vdc
Rated kWh capacity (5-hr rate) 23.4 kWh
Rated Ah capacity (5-hr rate) 452 Ah
Charging current (max.) 22 A Embedded charger, rated at 480 Vac
Charging voltage 277Y/480 Vac Embedded charger, nominal
Charging time (standard) 1 hr 0—85%
Continuous discharging current (max.) 350 Adc SB350 output connector limited
Auxiliary output current (max.) 10 Adc Battery voltage output for accessories
Communication with truck CAN & IWS1 Compatible with OEM standards
Wi-Fi connection Continuous remote monitoring for guaranteed uptime2
Weight 731—1,499 kg (1,612—3,305 lbs) Varies based on counterweight configuration
Dimensions Adaptable counterweight configuration in order to fit truck compartment
Continuous operating temperature -20—28 °C (-4—77 °F) -20—28 °C (-4—77 °F)
Sporadic operating temperature -30—45 °C (-22—113 °F) For limited time or at reduced specifications
Certifications UL1642, UN 38.3, FCC / IC

Technical specifications are based on standard operating conditions and may be subject to changes
1IWS = Interrupt Warning Signal
2Part of the UgoWork Energy as a Service program

Specifications Notes
Product compatibility All UgoWork battery models
Input rated nominal voltage 480Y/277 Vac 3 phase, ± 10%
Input current (max.) 22 A FLA at rated voltage
Output charging current (max.) 22 A FLA at rated voltage
Power connection type 4W+G Neutral connection is mandatory
Rated frequency 60 Hz 47 ~ 63 Hz range
Input wire size 8—10 AWG
Cable length 9.8 ft (3 m) Between CS and coupler
Weight 13 kg (29 lbs)
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 5 in (30.5 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm)
Operating temperature -25—50 °C (-13—122 °F)
Certification UL 508A Other ratings available upon request

Technical specifications are based on standard operating conditions and may be subject to changes. Pictures and illustrations are not contractual.

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