36V lithium-ion battery for electric forklift trucks

Power solution for class I and II material handling applications

The 36V UgoWork lithium-ion battery is designed for stand-up counterbalanced forklift trucks (Class I) operating 24/7. The high energy density of lithium combined with ultra-fast charging also makes it ideal for energy-intensive application machines, such as reach trucks (Class II).

Large warehouses demanding the retrieval of pallets at high levels in narrow aisles and round-the-clock performance can significantly increase their productivity when using UgoWork electric energy solutions. Multi-shift applications, such as third-party logistics (3PL), manufacturing and food and beverage, distribution, and any other 24/7 material handling operations can benefit the most from lithium-ion power solutions.

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Upgrade your fleet power with UgoWork 36V lithium-ion batteries


36V for Class I & II

Sit-down and stand-up counterbalanced forklifts in warehouse or distribution centers

36V lithium-ion power solutions for dock stockers

Power your electric counterbalanced forklifts with 36V lithium-ion batteries. Rely on enhanced productivity, power with zero emissions and more run-times for every charge.

UgoWork power solutions make quick work of pulling pallets to and from storage racks in high-volume ground storage applications. When you need to load and unload trailers, you need consistent power delivery from start to finish. Simplify your shipping, receiving and cross-docking applications with reliable power solutions well-suited for tasks, such as unloading trailers and transporting pallets to a loading stage.

Reach trucks in warehouse or distribution centers

36V lithium-ion power solutions for reach and deep reach trucks

Every floor worker knows that a warehouse is a busy environment. With stock always moving and lift trucks with full pallet-loads sharing access to narrow aisles, the need to eliminate unnecessary equipment from high-traffic areas is essential to ensure productivity and reduce waste. UgoWork lithium-ion power solutions help you do it as efficiently as possible, with just the necessary number of lifts.

Do more with less—even in freezer and frozen food storage environments with UgoWork!

Can’t stand downtime anymore?

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Get more out of your batteries. With a single charger for every battery type, a charging infrastructure with a smaller footprint, constant monitoring and alerts for expert-led on-side maintenance when you need it, choose a power solution that works for your bottom line.

UgoWork 36V lithium-ion battery technical specifications

Specifications of UgoWork’s power solution for class I & II material handling applications

Specifications Notes
Maximum voltage at full charge 39.1 Vdc Other configuration available, contact UgoWork
Nominal voltage 37.0 Vdc
Discharge end voltage 30.5 Vdc Lower bound value, configurable upwards by software if required
Nominal Ah capacity 992 Ah Available capacity information displayed on nameplate
Nominal kWh capacity 36.7 kWh Available capacity information displayed on nameplate
Charging current (max.) 22 A Embedded charger, rated at 480 Vac
Continuous discharging current (max.) 325 Adc SB output connector limited
DC output connector SB350, gray
Dimensions (without counterweight) 38.5 x 20.2 x 22.0 in (978 x 514 x 559 mm) Adaptable counterweight configuration in order to fit truck compartment
Weight 731—1,499 kg (1,612—3,305 lbs) Varies based on counterweight configuration
Continuous operating temperature -20—30 °C (-4—86 °F) Continuous operation at full specifications
Sporadic operating temperature -30—45 °C (-22—113 °F) For limited time or at reduced specifications
Transport / Storage temperature -20—50 °C (-4—122 °F) Long-term storage : -20 °C—25 °C (-4 °F—77 °F)
Charging voltage 277Y/480 Vac Embedded charger, nominal
Charging time (standard) 1 hr 0—85%
Auxiliary output current (max.) 10 Adc Battery voltage output for accessories
Communication with truck CAN & IWS (Interrupt Warning Signal) Compatible with OEM standards
Wi-Fi connection Wi-Fi or data hotspot
Certifications UL2580, UL1642, UN 38.3, FCC / IC

Technical specifications are based on standard operating conditions and may be subject to changes.
See the charging station specs.

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