Battery and energy management platform

The smarter way to manage industrial batteries

Empower your fleet management with UgoPilot’s data-driven intelligence. Unlock peak efficiency and savings tailored to your fleet’s needs.

Perfect for medium to large-sized fleets with 2,000+ hours per truck, facing battery challenges, and in need of visibility and energy savings.

See UgoPilot in action

From real-time data tracking to advanced energy optimization, get a firsthand look at UgoPilot’s tangible solutions tailored for modern fleet management.

Step into the future of fleet management

Connect with our energy experts and explore how UgoPilot can transform your fleet’s efficiency and performance.

UgoPilot battery and energy management platform fleet status reporting

Real-time fleet data monitoring

With UgoPilot, ensure the safety and efficiency of your equipment. By giving you access to real-time data, we provide the tools to confidently manage and monitor your fleet’s daily operations.

Customizable dashboard for operation monitoring

Experience fewer downtimes and see a tangible enhancement in ROI. With our dashboard, you can track and measure the throughput of your operations, ensuring secure and efficient fleet monitoring.

UgoPilot battery and energy management platform fleet status reporting

Data-driven insights and personalized notifications

Make choices that align with your fleet’s needs. Our platform processes vast amounts of data to provide you with actionable insights, ensuring that you’re always making the most informed decisions and minimizing unnecessary downtimes.

Personalized reports tailored to your operations

Streamline every aspect of your fleet operations. Our reports offer concise insights, allowing you to tweak and refine processes, boosting overall efficiency.

UgoPilot battery and energy management platform fleet status reporting

Integrated customer support, best practice resources, and centralized access to assistance

Maximize the lifespan of your fleet assets while ensuring you’re always backed by expert guidance. UgoPilot offers a seamless experience by providing you with a wealth of knowledge, resources, and support, all aimed at optimizing fleet usage and prolonging asset life.

Tailored plans for targeted results

Explore our UgoPilot plans and select the one that aligns seamlessly with your operational needs.

Power your performance: Explore our lithium-ion batteries

24V for Class II & III

UgoWork 24V lithium-in battery

36V for Class I & II

UgoWork 36V battery

48V for Class I & II

UgoWork 48V lithium-in battery

Frequently asked questions

Get clarity on UgoPilot’s most common queries! Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Remember, we’re always here and happy to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

UgoPilot is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with fleets operating UgoWork’s lithium-ion batteries. Its data-driven intelligence provides real-time insights rather than just raw data. It is tailored to your fleet’s unique needs, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency.

The synergy between UgoPilot and UgoWork’s lithium-ion batteries allows for precise energy and battery management. It ensures accurate, real-time data, enabling you to make informed decisions, reduce downtimes, and maximize fleet performance.

It always depends on the application and the intensity of the operation, so the impact is measured at different levels, but you may experience:

  • Fleet size reduction for the same throughput
  • Increased throughput while maintaining the same fleet size
  • Less downtime due to unexpected battery issues
  • Peace of mind about your material handling operations

A dedicated energy expert offers you personalized insights and strategies tailored to your fleet’s unique challenges. With their expertise, you can ensure you’re leveraging your UgoWork energy solutions to their fullest potential, leading to superior optimization and efficiency. To learn more about how you can benefit from this service, we encourage you to contact our team.

For assistance with UgoPilot, simply submit a support ticket directly from the UgoPilot platform. Our UgoWork energy experts are always on standby to help, ensuring you maximize our platform’s benefits.