Flexible Energy-as-a-Service Solutions for the Material Handling Industry

Focus on your core business and leave your energy challenges to us

We believe that operations and fleet managers would rather move material and products than worry about battery systems and energy supply for their material handling equipment.

A quality product, combined with our expertise and IoT fleet data, translates into actionable insights for our clients. UgoWork solutions are characterized by a cloud-based approach to fleet optimization, unique charging infrastructure, energy expertise, and continuous service. It is also supported by a flexible consumption model that guarantees peace of mind for the operators.

Pay-per-use and unlimited warranty in material handling

Thinking about lithium-ion batteries—but have concerns about high CAPEX?

When looking at new equipment, you’re probably looking at the total cost of ownership (TCO) and calculating energy costs as well as maintenance, and repair fees. In our reality, you only have to worry about operational cost. 

We offer a pay-per-use approach to energy consumption that ensures uptime and energy savings without compromising forklift performance. We offer a full OPEX option. This frees up CAPEX for core projects so that you can grow your business.

Our cloud-based architecture provides an open channel for battery core vital feedback and a continuous improvement mechanism. Through a sophisticated approach to monitoring the electrical throughput of the UgoWork LIB, you will always know what to expect: you only pay for the energy consumed by your operations.

UgoWork gives you the agility you need for optimized fleet uptimes.

Guaranteed uptime for your electric forklift fleet

An energy solution adapted to your operations—not the other way around.

Steady throughput, uninterrupted operation, flexibility and speed of charge make lithium-ion the obvious energy choice. But it doesn’t stop there.

24/7 real-time monitoring system enables preventive maintenance on the lithium-ion batteries and proper upkeep of our promise to deliver uptime for your forklift fleet. Our energy experts closely monitor your batteries to reduce unplanned downtimes, anticipate equipment failure, and eliminate risks associated with operating faulty equipment. Knowing the state of health of your batteries also means that corrective actions and maintenance are performed prior to impacting your team’s work.

Our customers know that behind every UgoWork battery delivery is a promise of exceptional customer service to keep your operations running.

Fleet optimization through real-life monitoring

Uncover ways to optimize your material handling operations with fleet data at your fingertips

Data by itself will only get you so far. Information, such as pedal time, kWh consumption, temperature monitoring, and battery state of health is irrelevant for your operations unless you know how to analyze it. With constant support from UgoWork energy experts, usage report per truck overtime is transformed into historical analysis and fleet reports providing a clear assessment of overall trends. 

Get clear visibility over your fleet optimization possibilities. Deciding whether to add, remove or relocate trucks is evidenced-based and now in your hands.

Sustainability and end-of-life management for your lithium-ion batteries

Imagine not having to worry about your batteries ever again

At UgoWork, engineering drives quality. The company is built around the idea that brilliant engineering and manufacturing leads to high-quality, highly efficient products that are designed to last. 

In addition to the chemical stability and long-term cell performance, UgoWork’s NMC lithium-ion cells provide a high value for recycling. Through a network of partners, we ensure the recycling and responsible disposal of battery components. Total battery life cycle management results in a reduced overall carbon footprint and peace of mind for our customers.

From the initial call with our reps to the commissioning of your UgoWork units, our team ensures you get the support you need to carry out your operations. You also benefit from a battery pack replacement when your battery reaches its end of service life. That’s what we call energy savings—with no compromise on performance.

Simplicity and flexibility in material handling

A solution that just plain works and integrates your current fleet infrastructure

The UgoWork solution eliminates the limitations inherent in lead-acid battery infrastructure and replaces it with an evolutionary advancement in Lithium-ion power solutions.

UgoWork LIBs feature embedded chargers and universal charging capacity for all battery models. The on-board chargers mean that your trucks can recharge at virtually any UgoWork charging station in the warehouse, regardless of the battery voltage.

An ergonomic automotive-grade charging gun eliminates the risk of bad connections and always ensures a fast and safe charge regardless of the user’s experience level or battery knowledge.

We share a commitment to the idea that fleet and operations managers would rather focus on moving products than worry about battery systems. It’s our opportunity to deliver on the promise of one battery per truck and further support our customers with guaranteed uptime.

Optimize your energy and fleet management no matter what application you have

UgoWork energy management solutions can be used in various manufacturing operations settings to reduce costs, increase productivity and maximize revenues

Beverage, wine and spirits

Food production and transformation

Cold storage

General manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing

Paper, textile and print industry

Logistics and supply chain


Personal care and pharmaceutical manufacturing

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