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Take your operations to the next level with end-to-end cloud-based energy management solutions and expertise. Assess risks, manage bottlenecks, optimize fleet operations and scale your energy transition throughout your organization. Unlock your operation’s full potential with UgoWork and Energy as a Service.

A better battery is just the start

The UgoWork battery is a high-performance and efficient system that leverages lithium-ion chemistry. It eliminates the inherent limitations of a lead-acid battery infrastructure—and replaces it with a superior, powerful solution.

Its IoT connectivity introduces a wealth of possibilities for equipment uptime, operator safety, fleet optimization, and energy savings. Power guaranteed is possible in material handling. Meet the gold standard in MHE battery for hard-working Class I, II, and III forklifts.

24V for Class II & III

UgoWork 24V lithium-in battery

36V for Class I & II

UgoWork 36V battery

48V for Class I & II

UgoWork 48V lithium-in battery

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Whether you operate walkies, reach trucks or counterbalanced forklifts, find the UgoWork battery for your industrial truck

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