Forklift propulsed by UgoWork's battery in a food and beverage warehouse.

UgoWork lithium-ion batteries now approved for use withlift trucks of another major OEM

Quebec, October 19, 2022UgoWork™, a Canadian energy solutions provider specialized in the material handling industry, today announced that its UL-listed lithium-ion battery line-up for industrial trucks can now be used to power lift trucks from a major OEM. The name of the OEM remains undisclosed. This announcement comes on the heels of UgoWork’s battery solutions being certified by another, globally renowned OEM.

Following thorough testing and evaluation, the OEM has confirmed that UgoWork’s battery specifications are within the parameters of the company’s lift truck requirements. The approval ensures that the OEM’s lift trucks will perform as intended and will continue to meet all applicable statutory, regulatory and corporate requirements for the vehicle types being powered by UgoWork lithium-ion batteries. As a result, UgoWork batteries are approved for the OEM’s specific class I, II and III lift truck models.

“UgoWork products are designed for the most demanding customers, and compatibility with the lift trucks of reputed OEMs is inevitable,” said Philippe Beauchamp, President and CEO of UgoWork. “Our goal is to provide the highest level of performance, efficiency and safety to our customers. This milestone will facilitate our client’s lithium-ion transition and ultimately, benefit the whole ecosystem,” he added.

Customers may contact UgoWork for more information.

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